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Assessment at Cathexis Clinic

Referral to the Cathexis Clinic is usually followed by an initial telephone conversation with a Clinical Associate or Consultant, and then by a face-to-face comprehensive assessment. A first appointment for assessment will last up to one hour. Further assessment appointments may be necessary, usually no more than two meetings of up to one hour each.

Cathexis Psychotherapy delivers a clinical service firmly rooted in effective, evidence based treatments. The Clinic in the UK has its centre in Derby City in the East Midlands. We provide treatments for a spectrum of emotional, psychological, and mental health problems and disorders. We also provide treatments for problems and disorders at different levels of severity and complexity.

The Purpose of Assessment

The purpose of an assessment is threefold. Firstly an assessment gives opportunity for careful examination of the difficulties and symptoms that led to referral. Secondly an assessment enables an identification of underlying emotional and psychological problems and disorders leading to the difficulties and symptoms. Thirdly an accurate and detailed assessment will lead to careful consideration and negotiation of decisions about potential treatment options appropriate for identified problems and disorders.

Disorders and Disorder Specific Treatment

Current evidence about the effectiveness of psychotherapy and psychological treatments enables us to be specific about the best treatment for an identified disorder and the problems you present. In many cases we can identify first-line and second-line treatments. More information about this can be found on the Psychotherapy Foundation website (click here to go there). An accurate and detailed assessment will lead to an understanding of treatment options that are available for presenting problems and disorders.